Car Park Refurbishment

The careful selection of car park decking systems means the right blend of waterproofing, traffic resistance and practical application constrants can be considered to give a long term durable, aesthetic solution which minimises disruption to the users of the car park and maximises revenues for the client, both during the refurbishment and in the long term, by improving the environment for the user.

The decking can be used as part of a long term strategy to protect the structure from degredation along with other possible techniques such as concrete repair, decorative protective concrete soffit coatings, steel corrosion protection systems, corrosion inhibitors, sacraficial anodes and cathodic protection, all in accordance with the Life Care Plan approach suggested in the ICE Document ‘Recommendations for the inspection, maintenance and management of car park structures’ and the management strategies outlined in BS EN1504.

Car Park Waterproofing
Car Park Waterproofing
Car Park Decking
Car Park Decking

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