Whilst car parks are safety critical structures they are exposed to challenging environmental conditions which can cause significant issue if not considered. Repair and Protection to maximise long term durability can be a complex subject for a car park structure. Options include;

  • Waterproof Traffickable Decking System for;
    • Area exposed to significant themal gradients or dynamic movement
    • Intermediate decking systems
    • Ground bearing slabs
  • Total Corrosion Management Systems
  • Concrete Repair Materials
  • Decorative Protective Coatings
  • Jointing Systems

There are well over 4000 multi-storey car parks in the UK and many have a history of early deterioration, structural defects and safety shortcomings due to poor design and construction and low standards of maintenance and repair. With this in mind the ICE published Recommendations for the Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Car Park Structures.


ICE Car Park
ICE Recommendations for Car Parks

With limited comprehensive local guidance on system selection, German Standards provide a useful way of comparing decking systems and there suitability based there independant standardised testing requirements. BS EN1504 also provides useful guidance for identifying repair and protection issues and correct selection of suitable solutions.

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