Floors for industry have a complex set of requirements and the careful selection of the selection of a suitable flooring solution is required in the follow types of production and working environments;

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Clean Rooms
  • Food and Drink
  • Wet and Dry Process Areas
  • Chemical
  • Offices
  • Storage and Logistic
  • Car Parks

A variety of systems and technologies are available, to allow a bespoke solution to be tailored to a clients requirements. These technologies and include

  • Epoxy – Coatings, self-levelling thin layer screeds and heavy duty screeds.
  • Polyurethane – Heavy duty screeds, elastomeric deck waterproofing, decorative resilient thin layer systems.
  • MMA – Fast cure coatings and thin layer screeds
  • Cementitous – Surface Hardeners for new concrete, underlay pump screeds and rapid levelling screeds, surface applied DPM.

The surface finish, colour and texture of the applied system can be designed to suit the type of environment it is used for. Giving high levels of texture in wet areas to maximise slip resistance and smooth finishes where a clean and dry environment is required. Both gloss and matt finishes are achievable by careful selection of system. A wide variety of colours are available in most system and bespoke colours can often be created if required.

The wide range of products available allows solutions to be created for both newly built floors and the refurbishment of existing floors.

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